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Monogamy Game
Monogamy Board Game
Monogamy Game Awards
Monogamy Game Couple Board Game

A Hot Affair... With Your Partner!

Take the phone off the hook, close the curtains, dim the lights and get ready for the steamiest evening you'll ever have...

Described by the press as "The sexy board game that's jazzing up playtime for couples nationwide!" Monogamy is the naughty board game for couples that will revolutionise your relationship and take it to another level. The Monogamy Game has three progressively steamy levels and over 390 ideas and actions, no game will ever be the same.

Playing will open up new channels of communication between you both - whether you've been together for many years or a few months. The Monogamy game is different from other adult board games on the market as the emphasis is on communication between you and your partner – finding out what really turns each of you on and then translating this into an erotic fantasy to remember at the end!

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