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We think you'll love The Monogamy Board Game, but don't just take our word for it; here's what some customers have had to say about Monogamy...

"From Warm to Steamy in 60 Minutes
My partner and I bought this couples board game together for a laugh.....little did we realise! You'll need a couple of things not included in the oils, but nothing too expensive. Be open minded and you'll have more lustful fun than you've ever had before. This adult board game starts off warm, while you work you way round the board, then you get warmer...and warmer 'til you're piping hot. There's tips for quicker games......and you'll learn new things about your partner, and yourself! We love this couples board game, and I think it'll keep surprising us for years to come. Forget getting stuck in a rut..ruts don't exist."

"Amazing for putting the spark back!
Me and my partner have been together for three years and decided to try this game to put a bit of spark back into the relationship. And it did not disappoint! Although this adult board game starts off on quite a relaxed and cosy note, it soon heats up and you'll be lucky if you make it through the steamy round without tearing each others clothes off! Well written, fun and with some suggestions that we would have never thought of our self, me and my partner enjoyed Monogamy so much we can't wait to play it again! And the fun carries on long after you finish the game, with some helpful suggestions for keeping the fun alive in general. If you're after an couples board game to help relight that special something in your relationship this is it! Well worth the money and I will be buying several more as Christmas presents!"


Monogamy Game - A Hot Affair ... With your Partner!

"A very fun adult board game that brings you out of your shell.. if you have one!
I am really glad I bought this couples board game as a Christmas present for my hubby! I had a sneaky look before I wrapped it and was very close to sending it back as I didn't think I could do some of the suggestions - even though we have been together 11 years I still felt a little embarrassed giving him a sexy lap dance!... But I am glad I was brave and kept it as it was a lot of fun!" 

"This game is fantastic!
It fills an evening and not only gets you in a very passionate mood, it allows you and your partner to learn things about each other you may never have known before. The first element of this couples board game allows you to talk openly about favourite moments with your partner, or an ideal date, or even how particular things that your partner makes you feel. The second round is quite sensual, it prompts you to massage your partner or restrict yourself to kissing/caressing just one part of their body (the temptation makes for a great build up). The final part of the Monogamy Board Game is more sexual (use your imagination). Overall: A fantastic way to get to know your partner, about the way they feel about you, things they'd like to try and what their fantasies really are!"

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"Normally shy couple had a brilliant time!
This was a really good buy. I was very nervous about buying it as I've never bought an adult board game or anything like this before, and I was a bit unclear as to whether the game would ask me or my wife to do stuff that we really didn't want to do. Occasionally there were things, particularly on the 'fantasy' cards that we didn't like, but it is very easy to discard these during the course of the game. The idea is that the winner gets to act out one of the fantasies at the end of the game, but I really don't think that you would need to! For most of the other instructions we were given through the game, we didn't find that they asked too much. If anything, we were a bit more adventurous! The title of the game is great - Monogamy. My wife and I have only ever had sex with each other, and we intend to always be faithful. However, after 10 years of marriage this got us doing stuff we would never have thought of, or been brave enough to ask for, and was just plenty of fun!"

Monogamy Game - A Hot Affair ... With your Partner!